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Hey all you LASH BABIES!

My name is Destiny, your fairy lash mother.

I am and will be your FAVORITE lash girl. 

I will start off by saying that I find it very difficult to describe me in just a small little bio, however I will do my best to give you a quick summed up version of me.


I was raised in the Austin and Round Rock area, calling Round Rock my childhood home. After graduating and receiving my Cosmetology license in 2014, I bounced around a couple of hair salons trying to find my LOVE interest in the beauty industry. It was then in 2016 that I found that interest and yes you guessed it, LASHES!

Since lashing for 3 years, it was in 2019 when I officially opened my own private suite in Round Rock, Texas. 

I am driven by passion and dedication and it is shown through my LUXURY services. 


When I am not lashing, you can find me with my 2 Pitbull/Boxer Mix babies Bela and Mocha on a walk. I love iced coffee with tons of creamer, a cold cherry vanilla coke and taco bell every other day (:

I enjoy roller skating, volleyball, long walk and listening to my favorite podcast Crime Junkie. You can also catch me at a red light blaring any 2000s playlist! 

If you are reading this, you will not regret booking your next service. <3 (:

xoxo your lash artist,


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