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Appointments that are CANCELLED within 24 hours of their appointment, will be charged 50% of the service.

All NO-SHOWS will be charged 100% of the service.

* Every guest will receive a reminder of this policy before being charged the service.


All bookings must be done through my website, booking site, or social media platforms.

When booking a service, the site will REQUIRE a card on file.

DONT WORRY! You will NOT be charged until the end of your service.

This is to ensure that you arrive for your appointment.


If you are running more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will automatically be CHARGED 100% of your service.

If you arrive in the 15 minute grace period, I will NOT extend your service. Your service will end according to the scheduled time.

* You also will NOT be allowed to receive a FREE CORRECTION from this service if not satisfied with fill.


I will accept fills from other lash artists.

However, new client fills must have at least 50% of their lashes on in order to receive a service. I also will take into consideration if my work can be applied on top of others work. You may be subject to a removal and new full set.


Children 12 years and younger will NOT be allowed in my suite. I do work with sharp implements that can potentially be dangerous to small children.

* Please reach out before your service, if you cannot make your appointment due to child care.


I will NOT REFUND ANY SERVICE under any circumstances.

However, if you are not happy with your service, I will offer a FREE REMOVAL.


If you are experiencing extreme fallout, you have 72 hours from your previous service to contact your lash artist to get you set up for a FREE CORRECTION service.

* This will not be applied to any late arrivals from previous fill service.

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